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Insect Screen in India. We service over 100 cities in India. Insect Screen products with replacement gaurantee.

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Products Available in India

Insect Screen For windows openable window system offers the flexibility to remove the frames, wash and mount it back on windows. Window Insect Screen comes with 5 options to choose from - fiber glass, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and solar screen could be fixed on any size window with 100% protection from insects.
Insect Screen For doors
Insect screen door solutoin is for front entrance door, rear exit doors. Door insect screen can be installed on framed door system that could have multiple mesh options in it. It comes in four powder coated finishes and is fixed on strong hinges and magnets to hold it in place. It is a very reliable and long lasting option that gives home owners the freedom to open their doors and let fresh air and light into their living spaces.
Insect Screen For balcony and porches insect screen for sliding door rolls on a thin plastic/pvc strip that gets intalled on any surface or channel. An insect screen door solution for appartments, homes and balcony. Insect screen barrier free solution is used and effectively stops mosquitoes or insects into the living area. You can have single shutter insect screen doors or twin shutter insect screen doors.
Insect Screen for outdoors
Insect Screen for outdoors are best installed large openings. Insectshield outdoor solution is made of heavy aluminum sections in the frame, the structural rigidity is strong and could go up to even 8′ x 8′ size openings without any supporting cross sections in the middle. This fitment could be fitted with any of the four types of meshes from Phifer like, Fiberglass, Aluminum, stainless steel and Bronze could be used.
Insect Screen for rollup windows
Insectsheild system rolls up and disappears into an aluminum section when opened and could be easily pulled down and locked at the bottom when mosquito protection is needed. This system employs braking technology that helps the mesh roll up in a slow pace when retracted and doesnt speedily open with a thud at the top. It also employs a self cleaning mechanism that cleans the mesh and the rollers every time the mesh is rolled up and down. Insect screen systems from